Nancy Taylor, NP/CNS joins the show to discuss Cardiac, Pulmonary & PAD Rehab plus Lifestyle Medicine with St Luke's Health System.  Lifestyle Med...View Details

Brad chats with Gabrielle Davis, MPH, RRT-ACCS, NPS, CTTS, CHES a respiratory therapist who specializes in COPD education and a nicotine cessation cou...View Details

In this episode Brad talks with Mountain Pine Dermatologists Dr. Scott Thomas & Dr. Ben Perry. Brad also discusses why...View Details

Brad sits down in episode 2 with general surgeon Dr. Bren Heaton of Idaho Surgical. He talks myths of hernia mesh and gallbladder surgery. Brad discus...View Details

With sat down with Amos Haley, NP to discuss his passion, orthopedics and stand up comedy.  News this week: Anti-vaccine groups holding a symposium on...View Details

Trailer: Potato State NP

Please subscribe to my new podcast where I'll be discussing healthcare news and trends around Idaho. We'll have specialists on each episode discussing...View Details

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